Please refer to the links below the map for other tourist attractions located on the Great Northern Peninsula.

Common Road Distances

Roddickton-Bide Arm

9     kms

Roddickton-Bird Cove

79   kms

Roddickton- Englee

17   kms

Roddickton-Hawke's Bay

138 kms

Roddickton -Conche

25   kms

Roddickton-Daniel's Harbour

193 kms

Roddickton-St. Anthony

131 kms

Roddickton-St. Anthony Airport

81   kms

Roddickton-L'Anse aux Meadows

149 kms

Roddickton-Deer Lake Airport

349 kms


137 kms

Roddickton-Port aux Basques Ferry Terminal

614 kms


Big Droke Interpretation Centre and Archaeological Site

The French Shore

Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve

Grenfell Properties

Nurse Myra Bennett House


Torrent River Salmon Interpretation Centre


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