Underground Salmon Pool

The trail which you enter the Underground Salmon Pool passes through the Beaver Brook watershed. Beaver Brook is known locally for its "Underground Salmon Pool" and for excellent fishing. The watershed in the area serves as a drainage basin for the river. A river was born when tiny rills and streams flowing downhill joined with one another into larger channels that combined to form a river. The Beaver Brook originated from the Long Range Mountains and flows eastward to Canada Bay, a distance of approximately 30 kilometres.

Geologically, limestone bedrock underlay's the Beaver Brook watershed. What makes  limestone so distinctive is that as water percolates through the limestone, it dissolves the rock, and creates underground channels. The final result is an impressive system of caves and tunnels. Beaver Brook is known for having an underground river system. Every year, Atlantic Salmon gather at the entrance to the underground river on their migration upstream to their traditional ground at Boony Lake.

A beautiful walk through the boreal forest brings you to an amazing site: a salmon river emerging from an underground cave. The salmon pool runs underground through a tunnel formed by erosion through the rock. Fish disappear into the opening and re-appear about 800 metres away where they rest before continuing upstream to spawn. this unusual site offers visitors an opportunity to view Atlantic salmon in their natural environment.

Sometime in the very near future there will be underwater cameras installed at the Underground Salmon Pool and the live feed will be available for viewing at the Green Moose Interpretation Centre.

Underground Salmon Pool Photo Gallery
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