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Join the Mayor on CBC Cross Talk…

Tune into CBC radio “Cross Talk” on Thursday (November 10, 2016) at 12-1 pm. Mayor Sheila Fitzgerald will be talking about Harrison Centre Report and future challenges of living on the Northern Peninsula given the rapidly declining population. This is an opportunity to hear more and full explanations on what CBC news just touched on Tuesday night.

As Mayor Fitzgerald stated “It’s really not all doom and gloom – we are not giving up and closing our doors up here on The GREAT Northern Peninsula just yet…. The Harris Centre Report provided some real eye opening information – if anything this is a wonderful opportunity to look at the way we do business and start working together. As small towns across this province we cannot stand alone any more – we need a collaborative effort /approach – it’s time to be reminded of our core values and our roots where everyone helps each other … And it’s one for all – and all for one!”


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