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Mosquito Collection

Mosquito Collection

A team of researchers from Memorial University of Newfoundland, are interested in finding out what mosquito species are in the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, what viruses they carry and how climate change
will impact their distribution. Currently, information on mosquitoes in this province is not well known. This two-year project, ending in Spring 2020, is funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) and will address the knowledge gaps in the mosquito populations o Newwfoundland and Labrador.

To adequately cover the entire province and increase their sample size, members of the public largely do mosquito collection. The materials and instructions necessary for mosquito collection will be provided, and the collection process is fun and easy for most ages to participate.

Any mosquitoes received from the municipality will be identified within a short period, and the results returned to the collectors with information about the species they collected. The team will provide support where needed.
Mosquito collection would start in the spring of 2019 and go until the fall of 2019 to which collectors can collect as many or few times as wanted.

For more information, they are on Facebook (Newfoundland and Labrador Mosquito Project) and Twitter (@MosquitoNL) and post regularly to communicate with participants and relay project information. They also have a YouTube video describing how to collect mosquitoes for their project


If you are interested in participating or just wanting more information, please contact them by email (


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