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Stop before you flush!

Stop! Before you flush or drain the sink – Look!

Towels, facecloths, mop heads, paper towels, caps to bottles, toys, baby wipes, and grease when flushed down your toilet and washed down the drain of your sink is causing BIG PROBLEMS for our town waste water/sewer system. Ever notice the big silver boxes with a red light on the top located around Town. This is the Town’s lift stations which are used to pump wastewater or sewage from different parts of Town to the septic tank. When the red light is blinking it means there is trouble in the lift station.

In these stations there are motors that chop up the raw sewage before pumping it through the system. Large cloth-like and plastic items cannot be easily chopped up and often cause problems. These problems can become VERY COSTLY for the Town to repair. Before you flush the toilet or drain your sink please be careful not to wash down large non-biodegradable items in our Town’s septic system.


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