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Interactive Exhibits

Into the Woods – a permanent exhibit

Newfoundlanders are often seen as people of bays and headlands, but making a living here meant knowing just as much about the land… ours is a story of the trees behind the shore…

The story of Roddickton is one of moving inland to escape the uncertainties of fishing. After years of prosperity in the logging industry, our town is facing new challenges. But we’re building a different future that looks to the land and animals in a new light.

Come, hear our story… told in our own voices through stunning photographs, touch and learn stations, and this exciting multi-media exhibit. Truly a journey that looks to the past to forge a path to the future.

Exhibit highlights:

  • Life-size moose – the biggest on the Northern Peninsula!
  • Touch and learn stations
  • Stunning images by internationally-recognized photographer Candace Cochrane