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Circular to Bide Arm Residents

Bide Arm Town Water
Water Testing Update
May 12, 2016

As you are aware the water in Bide Arm has been experiencing a “fishy” type smell and taste for some time.  The Town of Roddickton-Bide Arm has been actively trying to figure out what is causing the problem and possible ways to correct it.

To date the following actions has been taken.
• Town maintenance is testing the water daily for chlorine levels.
• Service NL has been completing monthly bacteriological water testing.  All of which has come back reporting it is safe for drinking.
• Water lines have been flushed several times over the winter and spring.
• The wet well at the pump house has been drained and cleaned.
• The screens at the wet well have been cleaned monthly.
• On May 5th, 2016 a diver was sent down to look at the intake in the pond.  Everything appeared to be normal.  There was no unusual debris found at the bottom of the pond or around the intake pipe. The pond was clear and the intake pipe was in tack. The intake screen was covered with normal growth and was cleaned during the dive.  The water lines have been flushed twice since the dive.
Important to note, over the course of the winter and spring boil orders have been put in  place when maintenance procedures took place (ie flushing lines, sending diver in the  water supply, etc).During times of boil orders the water is not considered safe for  drinking.

The Town has contacted the Department of Environment and Conservation for assistance. Officials have been in regular contact with the Town to assist with finding out the cause and a solution to the water concern.   We are currently awaiting a response from the Department of next steps to be taken.  It is anticipated we will receive some further information within the next week.  In the meantime, a water hose is connected to the Roddickton Fire Hall for residents who wish to get water**.  It is not a long term solution but rather a short term option.

The Town sympathizes with residents.  We are committed to finding the source of the problem and a long term solution. The Town would like to thank everyone who has called to provide information and residents for their continued patience.

**Please Note: Roddickton Water has been tested good for drinking.  Since  the water tap at the Roddickton Firehall is outside it is advised that you run the water before filling water containers and boil the water before use.


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