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Things To Do

Area Attractions

A visit to the Green Moose Interpretation Centre is just the beginning of a tour of our scenic region.

  1. Watch fish jump at the Underground Salmon Pool
  2. Photograph delicate alpine flowers dotting the tundra atop Cloud Hill
  3. Rest in the replica winter tilt at Armistice Park, Bide Arm
  4. At Englee, climb Bar’d Island’s 168 steps to overlook the site of the 1914 Newfoundland Sealing Disaster (look out for whales and icebergs too!)
  5. Grab your rod (and a license) to hook a spring salmon at Main Brook
  6. At Conche, begin a tour ‘round the French Shore by visiting the French Shore Interpretation Centre and the 30-ft (and growing!) historical tapestry designed by artist Jean Claude Roy

Roddickton Visitor Services

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